“A few more hours to be complete, a few more nights on satin sheets, a few more times that I can say, I’ve loved these days”
Another night sitting under the cold stars wishing for the heat of your hand in mine.
In my heart, it burns like a wildfire, raging to be heard, to be seen to be felt by you, at least acknowledged and given some life as it burns out all I have to give. I am no longer who I was.
The river has moved me and shaped me and taken what was given to it, cleansing, renewing and rebuilding all that remains. The waters run cold to the touch, but burn with their clarity.
The past is not an anchor that ties me
Yesterday isn’t a mistake that binds me
Tomorrow is unwritten, it is always a blank canvas
The story has changed and I hope you can see it
Tomorrow isn’t yesterday repeating and I hope we can share it.

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