Somewhere in the middle

“How did you ever lose that girl?” She said.  A face that doesn’t align with a name, though clearly a face that knows her well.

“By not growing up, by being selfish,” a pause and looking at her to see if it wasn’t rhetorical, “Well, how long do you have?” with a slight smile, knowing that it’s not much of an exaggeration.

A light nod and small smile back, “Well what would you do if she gave you another chance?” with an inclined head waiting to see if the answer is sufficient.

A pause as if the answer requires any thought, so the pause is only brief, “I would sweep her off of her feet and spend the rest of my life making sure that her feet never touch the ground again.”

No response, but I can tell from her face that the answer was sufficient. I can see her face nearby, talking and smiling to her coworkers.  That smile lights up and warms up the night.  It feels like everything melts away for a few seconds while she talks.  A twinge of regret that those smiles don’t land on me anymore, that those eyes don’t open to mine in the morning, that those arms aren’t where I am right now.

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