Was it lonely by my side?

All those years spent wishing for something to change

for something better

Broken. Together. For all that time

when it all comes together

Is it too late to see and believe

that we can be saved. For us.

Strange you never knew

Falling into the twilight, Orion rising in the purple glow 

Defying gravity for a moment to escape the shadows

You walk blindly into the night

And I, I unwillingly walk towards the only remaining light


——— ———- ———-


Strange you never knew how much you inspire me

How much I want to be like you, to walk on your path

Strange to see it walking away after all this time

These two paths diverging, you to yours and I to mine

I can still feel you here, shadow beside me to listen, hear and confide in

I can still see you there, shadow growing longer, dimmer and stronger

Strange you never knew 


Another sleepless night where my waking dreams color the shadows

So much moves in the corners, all of it becoming what you are, fading into you

I think it’s strange you never knew.

Hold my hand this one last time as I walk into the warming sunshine

Let me kiss you goodbye as the tapestry continues to unwind

We wrote our story, our family, our lives, so much in that fabric

Torn and tattered and blowing in the wind of tomorrow 

You’re the one that I loved. The one that I felt by my side when I reached out and needed someone to hold

You’re the one that I let down so many times, when you reached out and I wasn’t there

So much time wasted, why are we wasting more still? Walking in place without actually going anywhere

The past, those were my mistakes that I caused or allowed to happen.

The present is yours now.  I am ready, even if there are too many people in front of your eyes to see.

Another sleepless night to ponder the mistakes of yesterday, and see the mistakes of today and tomorrow

Strange you never knew. How tonight they fade into you. 


Starting Over

Starting over. For no one else but me. 

Somewhere there is a road that wanders into the woods

With Frost covering the fallen leaves at the light of day

Somewhere there is a muse wandering that dark wood

waiting for the middle to become the beginning