Tonight is another night that sleep is somewhere else. Sleep does not want to be found.

I have the words, but I can’t use them to tell you.

I have the feelings, but they are locked away because they will get in the way of what you want

It’s there, waiting for us to live anew, to shine a new light and awake to a new dawn

It’s there, waiting. Waiting for you, I am already there, waiting for you.

It would be unnecessary to wait forever for these open doors to finally close

The mistake is yours now. 


Not really a revelation.  I am not who I should be. I am not what I should be.

This will not last. 

So it took too long to realize, too long to work out.

I lost you a long time ago. 

I lost you more than once.

I can’t give words to how that feels.

So it’s too late. Too little. Too long gone.

This isn’t for you anymore. This isn’t for anyone.

It’s because it’s right.

Revelations. Laid down by the waters, given up to the currents.

The past is let go because it doesn’t determine my future 

The lessons are learned, the present is moving forward

for the first time in a long time, moving towards something

Something different, something by necessity better than what came before

Something that should be shared